Xailer Personal Edition

The Personal Edition has all you need to start to program with Xailer:

  • RAD tool (or IDE) to manage projects, design forms and edit source code.
  • Libraries and any other necessary file to use Xailer.
  • Documentacion.
  • Support from our public News group forum.

The Personal Edition is completely free.

Xailer Professional Edition

Professional Edition includes the Personal Edition and in addition:

  • GUI source code, except few modules.
  • "DataControls" components for Database access.
  • Support of OCX components (ActiveX controls).
  • Access to our private Newsgroup forum with a preferential support.
  • Automatic updates where you can achieve enhancements and bugs correction just in time.
  • 1 year of support and upgrades.

The price of the Professional Edition is 395 €

Xailer Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition includes the Professional Edition and in addition:

  • Native support to SQLite databases.
  • Native support to MySQL databases, including replicated servers.
  • Asynchronous file donwload from the Web using multi-thread technology.

The actual price difference of 150 € may be greater in the future, as we introduce new enhancements to this version.

The price of the Enterprise Edition is 545 €


Xailer Personal free

a DEMO* of Xailer

*The DEMO has the limitation that every program has to be executed from the own IDE, and therefore they cannot be distributed.

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