Harbour migration

It is a consulting service and assistance to migrate your existing applications written in Xailer 2 to Xailer to Harbour. The complete process includes the following phases:
  1. Complete reception of all the files of your project through the export utility that includes the Xailer IDE.
  2. Adaptation by our technical department of all your sources to ensure proper compilation and linking with Xailer for Harbour.
  3. Return the modified project for further testing by the customer.
  4. Assistance or resolution for any errors that may have been found in the previous phase.

Xailer guarantees the absolute confidentiality and proper disposition of all the sources received. As a result is not acceptable projects whose content could be competitive with Xailer or are intended to be used especially for xBase developers.

The minimum charge for this service is € 300 per project up to 1 Mega sources size. For each additional mega € 150 will be charged in half mega fractions.

However the following limitations must be taken into account before hiring this service:

  • Adaptation to Xailer for Harbour does not include any third party libraries that you may use.
  • In case of not having a complete environment for testing (incomplete databases or lack of them), the final phase will only include the assistantce and not the direct resolution.
  • Xailer will not be responsible for any errors that may occur in the migration process due errors in Harbour itself not present in xHarbour.
  • The customer agrees to perform all Phase IV controls within 30 days after delivery of the project by Xailer team.
  • Any malfunction will be contrasted with the old version of xHarbour



a DEMO* of Xailer

*The DEMO has the limitation that every program has to be executed from the own IDE, and therefore they cannot be distributed.

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