FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer

FastReport (FR) is a visual report generator that provides to your applications the ability to generate multiple types of reports quickly and efficiently.

This report generator provides all the tools necessary to develop complex and showy reports.

FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer is based on FastReport from Fast Report Inc. that also has versions for Delphi (VCL and FireMonkey), .NET and Mono.

The visual interface of FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer is really easy to use, and there are no complicated installations processes. You just need to add a single DLL (frx.dll) to the application folder.

FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer can be used not only with Xailer, but with any other Harbour or xHarbour framework in GUI or console mode. However under Xailer is where stands so shocking as it is fully integrated into the IDE.

FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer integrates natively with the programming language, being able to use variables, methods or functions defined in our programs and supports any data format that our application may use. You can use from DBF tables with NTX or CDX indexes, Advantage Database Server (ADT tables), data from database engines via ODBC or ADO or MySql, MariaDB or SQLite datasets or even simple data arrays.

FastReport can do all kind of reports, from columnar reports, labels, graphics, bar codes, calendars, crosstabs reports, invoices, large tickets, photo and rich text printing.

The price of FastReport for [x]Harbour & Xailer license is 350 €.

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