XCS (Xailer Custom Service) is a consultory, tutorial and training service in Xailer destinated mainly to companies. XCS a service completely specialized and in accordance with the necessities of the own client. This service tries to cover the necessities of many clients who either begin to work with Xailer and lack the necessary base to make the migration of their present applications with the best suitable way, or with those clients who or have certain experience in programming with Xailer but they need the direct collaboration of the Xailer crew to obtain certain functionalities in his programs difficult to achieve by themselves.

As a example, the following services would fit within XCS:

  • Introductory or advanced courses to your IT department. (an acceptable level of previous qualification is recommended)
  • Training on porting your old applications to Xailer.
  • Creation or modification of Xailer controls

In no case is had to be consider this service like an emergency service for quick problems resolution with Xailer or [x]Harbour.

Since the service is completely tailor made there is not a price or time table for this kind of service. Every case will be evaluated independently and a personalized budget will be made.

If you are interesed on this service please fill the form on our orders area indicating extensively all your necessities and we will shortly contact you.



a DEMO* of Xailer

*The DEMO has the limitation that every program has to be executed from the own IDE, and therefore they cannot be distributed.

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