Xailer is a complete 32 bits visual development environment for Xbase users, following the guide lines of other already existing programming environments (Foxpro, Delphi, Visual Basic,...). As any other complete visual environment includes:

  • Form designer
  • Professional Source code editor
  • Intellisense support (code assistant)
  • Property and events inspector
  • Project manager with subproject support
  • Report generator
  • Resource manager
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Connection to multiple databases: Native SQLITE and MYSQL, ADO and WEB
  • DBF and SQLITE professional editor included on the IDE
  • Version control system: CVS and Subversion
  • Specific controls to manage database that simplify tremendously its use
  • Support of third party controls, including ActiveX. Great facility to create your own controls
  • Support of plugins and assistants inside the IDE
  • Support of Harbour and xHarbour compilers
And all these features are built over a unique interface, which is tremendously intuitive and permits the development of any project in record time.

Xailer executables are completely self-conteined, ie, you do not need any external library or execution environment like .NET or Java, for its execution. Neither you will need any kind of special installation of your programs, so any Xailer program can be considered as a portable excutable that can be directly executed from a pen drive for example.

Xailer has been created not only to be a migration tool for other Xbase products, but also to be suitable for any user that knows the Xbase programming language or any of its flavors. We believe that is possible to catch the attention of all those Xbase programmers that are already using CA-Clipper, and those that jumped to another environment due it's limitations, such as the absence of an integrated development environment.

Xailer includes everything you need to get started and to create complete management applications, with no need to buy any other tool from a third party. The great advantage of Xailer over all the other development environments is its simplicity for being basically a development tool for management software based initially on the Xbase standard, although right now is more focussed on SQL database systems but keeping the xBase simplicity as much as possible.


a DEMO* of Xailer

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