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New product and Xailer upgrades

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:30 pm
by ignacio
Dear Xailer user,
Through are automatic upgrade system build inside Xailer IDE is already
available the upgrade from Xailer 1.97 to Xailer 1.98. If you wish you can
also download the complete product from our web pages at
We also published a new upgrade of Xailer 2.0. More information at
Finally, just to comment that we have also published our new product XADBU,
a professional DBF files editor that inherits all the advantages of the old
WinDbu of OZ Software, but also includes a lot of new enhancements that with
no doubt makes it the best editing tool for DBF files with [x]Harbour, in
the same way WinDbu was and still is the best tools for managing tables with
CA-Clipper. For further information consult our products area on our web
Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
[Soporte Xailer]
[Xailer support]