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dll: how to compile with hb_fuse? X4.0.2

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dll: how to compile with hb_fuse? X4.0.2

Postby Hurricane » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:05 pm


The plugin I'm creating, compiling, and working.
To finish, I need to create the last function, using FT_USE, etc, but I'm not able to compile.
note: To create EXE, no problem.

1 - If I add the LIB hbmisc in the project, compile errors:

Code: Select all

Linking: viewforms.dll...
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x6e): undefined reference to `hb_fsOpen'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0xb5): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x111): undefined reference to `hb_fsClose'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x231): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x250): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x388): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x3a7): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x484): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x4a2): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x5eb): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x609): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x733): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x751): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x8b1): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0x8cf): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0xc5c): undefined reference to `hb_fsSeekLarge'
D:/Desenv/HARBOUR/HB32.ngt/Lib/Win/mingw/libhbmisc.a(hb_f.o):hb_f.c:(.text+0xc76): undefined reference to `hb_fsReadLarge'
0 Files, 0 Warnings, 17 Errors
Compile time: 0.00s   Link time: 0.13s   Total time: 0.13s

2 - I tried (with and without hbmisc):

Will compile, but run the plugin will give "undefined HB_FUSE" error

3 - I also removed the hb_feof call, which exists in the core and hbmisc.


El plugin que estoy creando, compila y funciona.
Para terminar, necesito crear la última función, usando FT_USE, etc, pero no puedo compilar.

1 - Si agrego la LIB hbmisc en el proyecto, errores en la compilación:
<lista 1 anterior>

2 - Después intenté (con y sin hbmisc)

Se compilará, pero dará error "HB_FUSE indefinido"

3 - También he eliminado la llamada hb_feof, que existe en el núcleo y hbmisc

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Re: dll: how to compile with hb_fuse? X4.0.2

Postby gabo1 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:19 am

Essas funções estão em
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Re: dll: cómo compilar con hb_fuse? X4.0.2

Postby Hurricane » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:08 pm

Será útil si alguien puede ayudar a resolver. He hecho varios intentos sin éxito.
Hice otra alternativa, reescribí mi función sin usar hb_f * y he completado el plugin.

Para alguien intentar simular, no olvidar ...
1-crear un proyecto DLL, pero que se utilizará como plugin. Utilizar DLL con nuestro EXE no hay problema.
2-agregar llamadas de las dos funciones en el método RUN, para facilitar la prueba.

Guys, It will be useful if someone can help solve it. I made several unsuccessful attempts.
I made another alternative, rewritten my function without using hb_f * and I completed the plugin.

For someone to try to simulate, do not forget ...
1-create a DLL project, but that will be used as a plugin. Using DLL with our EXE no problem.
2-add calls of the two functions in the RUN method, to facilitate the test.

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