Xailer Portable

Xailer Portable is basically the posibility to use Xailer from any data device regardless of the machine where you are running the IDE itself. The device can be an external hard drive or a simple pen drive. Xailer registers itself to be used from that device only, but being connected to any PC.

Xailer Portable is only available for users who have a professional or Enterpise license of Xailer version 2.3 or above.

Xailer gives no additional license, simply provides another activation method for your actual license. It is therefore an addition to the original license, with a unique cost (paid only once) and is directly linked on the original license is granted on.

Xailer Portable features:

  • With the purchase of Xailer portable you will receive a new serial number, but only for administrative reasons.

  • The subscription expires at the same as the license where it belongs. If you upgrade your version of Xailer on your main license your Portable version will be automatically updated to the same expiration date.

  • Xailer Portable allows the activation of Xailer on up to two different hardware devices. Unlike the standard version, Xailer Portable can not be deactivated until 6 months after its activation. It is important to use only one of the activations and keep the other as security backup in case of loss or damage of the device.

  • In exceptional cases Xailer Portable probably will not be able to register itself on a particular hardware device.

  • Xailer Portable cost is the same for Professional and Enterprise licenses and its cost is 95 euros. It is an amount that you should only pay once since its rights and updates are completely linked to the license which it belongs.



a DEMO* of Xailer

*The DEMO has the limitation that every program has to be executed from the own IDE, and therefore they cannot be distributed.

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