Technical features

Xailer consist of two well defined modules: the GUI library which provides the functions and classes that form the Xailer real engine and the IDE environment (made with Xailer's GUI library) which permits the use of a unique visual interface for the creation of any development project.

Xailer uses the Harbour Open Source Compiler for the compilation process and the MinGW C compiler. The free Borland C++ 5.5 compiler can also be used.

Xailer is compatible with all the operating systems of Microsoft starting from Windows XP and is perfectly adapted to gain the maximum advantage of the new visual themes of Windows XP and above.

All the compiling and linking complexity is completely hidden to the user, but without losing the flexibility to include personal or third party libraries.

The class library has a tremendously simple and well structured hierarchy which can be adapted to your own needs, with no need to modify the library itself, just using the inheritance mechanism of any OOP system.

The integrated debugger will help you find errors easily, allowing step by step execution, entering or jumping over functions, establishing of break points, inspection of variables and objects, etcetera.

Xailer supports any ActiveX component, OCX controls included, and other third party component as well as components specifically made for Xailer. Xailer creates self-contained executables with no need for external DLL's, including the ActiveX components, OCX and/or DLL which the developer wants to use.

Xailer includes Intellisense support. A code assistant so you do not have to memorize all the properties, methods and events of any of the Xailer controls. On the same way it also gives parameters information on methods and functions.

The robustness, reliability and speed are the three pillars on which Xailer flourishes, exceeding the rest of competitors on any of these aspects.


a DEMO* of Xailer

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