Xailer gives no additional license, simply provides another activation method for your actual license. It is therefore an addition to the original license, with a unique cost (paid only once) and is directly linked on the original license is granted on.

Xailer Portable features:

  • With the purchase of Xailer portable you will receive a new serial number, but only for administrative reasons.
  • The subscription expires at the same as the license where it belongs. If you upgrade your version of Xailer on your main license your Portable version will be automatically updated to the same expiration date.
  • Xailer Portable allows the activation of Xailer on up to two different hardware devices. Unlike the standard version, Xailer Portable can not be deactivated until 6 months after its activation. It is important to use only one of the activations and keep the other as security backup in case of loss or damage of the device.
  • In exceptional cases Xailer Portable probably will not be able to register itself on a particular hardware device.
  • Xailer Portable cost is the same for Professional and Enterprise licenses and its cost is 95 euros. It is an amount that you should only pay once since its rights and updates are completely linked to the license which it belongs.

Xailer includes upgrades and support for a period of one year from the purchase date. You may only access to this upgrade + Support if you make your order during the next three months after the end of your support or last upgrade period.

  • Xailer Profesional Upgrade + Support: 245 €
  • Xailer Enterprise Upgrade + Support: 295 €

If you upgrade before the end of the support period you will have a 10% discount.

Upgrades from Xailer Professional Edition to Enterprise

At any time you can upgrade from the Professional to the Enterprise edition, just paying the difference between the two versions at the moment of the upgrade.

The release version must be the same on both products, and the acquisition date for support and upgrades is based on the first acquisition date.

This product is only available for active subscribers.

You should go directly to the manufacturer’s website:

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The consumer may request the withdrawal of his order during the next fifteen days after the purchase. To do this, you should only send the return request by email to sales@ozs.com indicating your name, description of the product purchased, date of purchase and invoice number. As they are intangible products, it is not appropriate to contemplate anything about shipping costs or physical return of the product. The refund of the amount will be made within a maximum period of 14 days from the receipt of the email requesting the return and canceling the charge operation on your credit card. If this is not possible, a bank transfer will be made.

We are sorry to communicate that in future Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns we will only be able to offer a maximum non-cumulative discount of 20% on all our products.