Xailer personal

The Xailer Personal Edition has all you need to start to program with Xailer:

  • RAD tool (or IDE) to manage projects, design forms and edit source code.
  • Libraries and any other necessary file to use Xailer.
  • Documentation.
  • Support from our public News group forum.

The Personal Edition is completely free.

Xailer Professional

Xailer Professional Edition includes the Personal Edition and in addition:

  • GUI source code, except few modules.
  • “DataControls” components for Database access.
  • Native support to SQLite databases.
  • Native support to MySQL and MariaDB databases.
  • Support of OCX components (ActiveX controls).
  • Access to our private Newsgroup forum with a preferential support.
  • Automatic updates where you can achieve enhancements and bugs correction just in time.
  • 1 year of support and upgrades.

The price of the Professional Edition is 245

Xailer Enterprise

Xailer Enterprise Edition includes the Professional Edition and in addition:

  • Encryption on SQLite databases.
  • Asynchronous file download from the Web using multi-thread technology.
  • Modern controls with Windows 10 look
  • Multi-thread support
  • Native web control based in Webkit
  • Native web control based in Microsoft Edge
  • Remote database access via web services
  • Advanced animations on controls

The price of the Enterprise Edition is 545

Xailer Portable

Xailer Portable is basically the possibility to use Xailer from any data device regardless of the machine where you are running the IDE itself. The device can be an external hard drive or a simple pen drive. Xailer registers itself to be used from that device only, but being connected to any PC.

Xailer Portable is only available for users who have a professional or Enterprise license of Xailer version 2.3 or above.

Comparison of the different versions of Xailer

Xailer Personal Professional Enterprise
Classes & functions libraries for Windows
Integrated development environment
Complete documentation in English
No preferential technical support
Technical support through private forums
One year technical support and Xailer upgrades
Runtime library source code, except few internal components
Datasets components to access different database formats, DBF, ADS and SQL
WIA scanner support
Image editor
ActiveX support
MySQL & MariaDB native support
SQlite native support
SQlite encription support
Multithread Internet download support
Multithread support
Native Web browser control based on Webkit
Native Web browser control based on Microsoft Edge
Access to external databases trough WEB
Windows 10 stylish controls
Advanced control animation

Third party software

Third party software

Xailer team members individually and other software creators offer in this section, tools, controls and any kind of software to be used in conjunction with Xailer, Harbour or xHarbour. List below:

    • OZ Software: Products offered directly by OZ Software, Xailer co-creator. The sale is made directly from the manufacturer’s website.
    • Nuevo Código: Products offered directly by Nuevo Código, Xailer co-creator. The sale is made directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Important note: Support is done directly and exclusively by its manufacturer.